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Managing information is among the largest business expenses for today’s law firms as they continue to depend heavily on their IT platforms and practice management applications to drive partner productivity and maintain competitiveness. That drive has resulted in the need to guarantee that IT systems are available, adaptable, and scalable—regardless of size or location. The most competitive and successful law firms ensure that their partners are armed with the technology they need 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter where they may be working.

Synergy IT Solutions is uniquely positioned to partner with firms to deliver best-in-class technology solutions and managed services. We know that each practice has a unique set of needs, tools, and business processes. That’s why we take the time to review our customers’ needs on an ongoing basis, and deliver solutions that combine best-of-breed technology with best-in-class managed services.

Technology Solutions

  • OpenText Document & Compliance Management
  • Mobile Device Access
  • VoIP Phone Systems
  • Conflicts Management
  • Email Archive and Management
  • Remote Access/VPN Solutions
  • Electronic Messaging
  • Electronic Faxing
  • Wired and Wireless Network Design and Analysis
  • Network Security Services

Managed Services

  • Proactive Hardware Maintenance
  • Remote Administration
  • Desk Side Support
  • Help Desk Services
  • Outsourcing

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