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“It was important to Synergy to do everything possible to provide the hardware and software at a very competitive price. The response to our questions on product and pricing were handled very well.”

—Karen Fisk, Director of IT, Stebbins Engineering

Stebbins Engineering A Blueprint For Responsive IT Solutions

The Challenge:

Stebbins Engineering is a multinational specialty corrosion engineer and masonry constructor located in Watertown, New York. Stebbins needed its Microsoft Exchange environment and networking infrastructure upgraded to address performance and reliability issues. Synergy was ready to help.                                                                                   

The Solution:

Synergy responded to Stebbins’ immediate challenges, provided them with engineering support—all while meeting an aggressive timeline. Leveraging its partnership with Dell, Synergy was able to ensure that they met the tight schedule and that the appropriate equipment arrived at many disparate locations in Upstate New York and Canada. Utilizing its strategic partner network, Synergy also delivered procurement and engineering installation services in Canada.

The Result:

Synergy IT Solutions was able to respond quickly to the challenges that were crucial for maintaining Stebbins’ production levels so that customers were not affected—all while keeping budget in mind. “Synergy was able to provide the hardware and software at a very competitive price, and their response to our questions on solution design demonstrated a very high level of technical expertise,” noted Karen Fisk, Director of IT at Stebbins.

Synergy Solutions Used:

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