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IT Procurement

To help ensure you have the IT equipment you need when you need it, Synergy can proactively procure and provision a wide variety of IT hardware. By partnering with Synergy for IT procurement and deployment, you’ll also enjoy a centralized point of contact, a streamlined purchasing process, and significant cost savings. 

Procurement and Consolidated Purchasing

Synergy allows you to consolidate your IT purchasing and leverage multiple suppliers through a single point of contact. We’ll manage your procurement needs from start to finish, assigning a dedicated team that will oversee the entire quoting, purchasing, delivery, and deployment process.

Deployment Services

Synergy Deployment Services give you the flexibility of contracting for equipment and/or services on a "just-in-time" basis, helping make the best use of your financial resources. And storing essential inventory in our warehouses ensures that we always have what you need, when you need it. 

Hardware Procurement

Synergy can function as an extension of your purchasing department, sourcing the purchase of IT equipment directly from manufacturers and Tier 1 distributors. Our open book pricing and price spot checks of our Tier 1 channel partners help ensure that you get the best value. Synergy can also facilitate the return of products and manage the repair or return of DOA products.

A Mature Process

Our mature procurement process offers you the value-added benefit of automatically tracking software licensing, order tracking, and order history, as well as adding hardware and software components to your existing service agreements.


Our equipment deployment and staging services significantly reduce time to install. We can maintain inventories in our centralized warehouses, adjusting the mix of equipment based on your forecasts. We’re able to deploy your equipment in as little as 72 hours.

Track, Install, and Manage

Synergy will track all procured hardware and software orders from inception to installation:

  • Track and manage stock levels
  • Provide run rates on equipment
  • Monitor actual versus expected use
  • Install equipment based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

To streamline the process, we can handle Request for Proposals (RFPs), purchase orders, and invoicing electronically through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) purchasing systems such as Ariba.


Backed by more than four decades of partnerships, Synergy can ship or deliver inventory quickly and efficiently nationwide, including provisioned and configured desktops, servers, and infrastructure.

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